Zapuntel Harbour

Zapuntel, Molat Island, Porat Bay | Nautic
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Zapuntel Harbour
Zapuntel Harbour
Zapuntel Harbour
Zapuntel Harbour
Zapuntel Harbour

Zapuntel is a fantastic little harbour located in a passage between islands Ist and Molat. The harbour is situated on NW most end of Molat Island facing the island Ist and a nother anchorage in Mljake Bay right accross the passage.

Zapuntel is very well protected from winds from all directions, allthough a strong Bora wind from NE does tend to produce a nasty swell in the bay.

The harbour has a L-shapped pier that has a few moorings on the N side and there are a few slips to more up in the inner part of the L pier. Depth there is 2,5 m so you can go in with a decent sized sailing yacht but it fills up quickly. If you have a boat with more than 2,4 m draft we recommend going for a buoy.

The W (outer) side of the pier is reserved for the local line - usually a fast passenger catamaran (not a ferry) that connects Molat Island from Zapuntel and Brgulje with Zadar on mainland and neighbouring island Ist. You can check the schedule on Jadrolinija's official webpage ( but do be careful to choose the right time of the year because schedules change with the seasons. You can’t stay there long if you tie up alongside, because the harbour master is going to chase you away when the catamaran is about to come.

Apart from the moorings on the pier there are 20 buoys set up and they will cost you 14 Croatian Kuna per meter. You can call +386 98 272 264 to check for free buoys. As everywhere you can also anchor if all the buoys are taken but you can expect to be charged something anyway.

You will find a small shop for basic supplies in a container behind the ticket office right there in the harbour.

There are two restaurants, one of them directly on the water called Škrila located on the NE side of Zapuntel Harbour.

The village Zapuntel is situated a bit further along the road going South towards villages Brgulje and Molat town.

Coming into Zapuntel by sea from the West there is a relatively narrow passage between islands Ist and Molat. Minimum depth in the passage is 5 m and it is lit by a red lateral beacon flashing white in 15 second period. There can be very strong current in the passage (up to 3 knots) but the direction of the current varies.

Sailing into Zapuntel from the East or NE the depth is much bigger and the passage itself is much wider. This entrance is lit by a white lighthouse with a period of 2 seconds located on the Cape Vranač (Rt Vranač) on Molat side of the passage.

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