From Monfalcone to Castelo di Duino and back

Monfalcone, Duino | Nature & Attractions
Mar. 03, 2012 @ 15:13 | SkipperTim

From Monfalcone to Castelo di Duino and back
From Monfalcone to Castelo di Duino and back
From Monfalcone to Castelo di Duino and back
From Monfalcone to Castelo di Duino and back
From Monfalcone to Castelo di Duino and back

If you get the chance to visit the Northen most part of Adriatic there is lots of interesting things to see. It’s better to visit it in low season when it is not so hot, because the water is not exactly clean to jump into, though it depends where you are.

We went for a short ride with a boat from marina Nautec in Monfalcone to Duino Castle and back. To visit the Castle you have to call ahead, and in winter time it is only open during weekends ‘till 4pm. During summer it’s open every day ‘till 4pm, except Tuesdays.

Under the castle there is a nice beach with a fabulous cliff above it and the water was clean enough to jump into it, only there were lots of very large jelly fish floating around…

Venice in February

Venice | Culture & History
Feb. 20, 2012 @ 20:36 | SkipperTim

Venice in February
Venice in February
Venice in February
Venice in February
Venice in February

We decided to visit Venice last February and it was amazing. Just the right amount of tourists and warm sunshine made our day.

We parked at Piazzale Roma (cost: 24€ for the day – they don’t have an hourly fee at all).
Almost every shop in Venice sells masks and other dress-up stuff for the Carneval.

We tried to take a ride with the famous Gondolas, but even though Gondoliers didn’t have much to do at the time, they weren’t going to take us for a ride for less then 80 euro, which is still a lot for a 40-minute ride. And they don’t even sing anymore.

At St. Mark’s Square there were some renovations going on – I think they were renewing the foundations of the tower, and the famous Bridge of Sighs was still covered with jumbo advertisements.

I would recommend visiting the Peggy Googenheim exhibit at Palazzo Venier dei Leoni. You can check it out at

SkipperTim | Feb. 20, 2012 @20:40


Coffee at St. Mark’s square is pretty steep. From 5,6 up to 8 € if you want cream in your coffee. But that is the price for seeing Venice I guess.

Tribunj, nice town

Tribunj | General info
Aug. 20, 2009 @ 20:04 | SkipperTim

Tribunj, nice town
Tribunj, nice town
Tribunj, nice town

Hi you all!
It has been a while, since I've written something here. I visited Tribunj and i loved the little town on the small island, wich is connected to mainland with a stone bridge. I just loved the marina, because there is crystal clear water and very close to the town. But it's a bit pricy.

Ruins on Zirje

Stupica vela, Island Zirje | General info
Aug. 20, 2009 @ 20:00 | SkipperTim

Ruins on Zirje
Ruins on Zirje
Ruins on Zirje
Ruins on Zirje

If you are ever at anchor in southern bay on island Zirje, you have to climb up a small hill and see the Roman ruins. And it is a great wiew overlooking the bay and boats at anchor.

pakitan | Aug. 03, 2011 @10:20

Zaradi gneče v uvali Stupica Vela, smo sidro vrgli v uvali Stupica Mala, kjer smo sidrali na 7m globine. Se je pa tudi v tem zalivu nabralo kar nekaj bark, tako da je potrebna previdnost pri dolžini spuščene sidrne verige zaradi vrtenja.

Mali Losinj right after rain

Mali Losinj | Nautic
Apr. 30, 2009 @ 17:42 | SkipperTim

Mali Losinj right after rain
Mali Losinj right after rain
Mali Losinj right after rain
Mali Losinj right after rain

Check out these colours yesterday afternoon when it stopped raining. Pictures are taken from our sail boat, mored in Losinj harbour.
skipper tim

izaija | Jan. 02, 2010 @15:07 can just feel the quietness

Anon | Jan. 04, 2010 @13:12

yeah and the rainbow is beautiful!

Croatia Boat Show in Split

Split | Nautic
Apr. 28, 2009 @ 20:17 | SkipperTim

Mali Losinj right after rain

Hey adrialog users. I presume, most of you are nautical enthusiasts and that this portal is ment to share info about experience of our sailing in Adriatic - by the way great idea this website!
So here goes: Me and my friends went sailing in Croatian Dalmatiam islands in the begining of April this year and we stopped in Split just in time to visit the fair. Despite this global shit there were quite some boats on display, but for my taste too few sailboats.
Anyway our week was great, the weather was just right and I`m sure, that we will visit again!
Hope to hear from as much people as possible, because I would like to hear other people`s experiance as well.

Trip to Muggia

Muggia | Nautic
Apr. 28, 2009 @ 19:56 | SkipperTim

Trip to Muggia
Trip to Muggia
Trip to Muggia

I visited a nautical fair - saliboat exhebition in Muggia near Trieste. there were quite alot of sailboats on display and the town is very cute.

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