Alternative to Zadar

Preko, Ugljan Island | Nautic
Mar. 26, 2012 @ 11:49 | MattK

Alternative to Zadar
Alternative to Zadar
Alternative to Zadar
Alternative to Zadar
Alternative to Zadar

If you’re going to Zadar you can also dock in Preko. There is a really nice marina, where they take reservations (unlike Tankerkomerc for example).

You can cross the canal to Zadar with a ferryboat ( or with a shuttle boat organized by the marina.

You can swim in clear (considering that it is Zadar canal) water at the outer side of the peer. The toilets have air –conditioning and are well maintained. Another sign that they care, is that the marina keeps fresh flowers and spices in pots (which you can use to enrich your dinner).
The town is near; the store is even nearer and well stacked.

The bars along the shore are ok, they even include a lounge, where you can spend an evening drinking cocktails. The two night time photos show the view of Preko and across to Zadar.

The lines on the last one is the ferry Jadrolinija Jurij Dalmatinac, arriving in Preko. Somebody else will have to provide the daytime photos.

SkipperTim | Mar. 27, 2012 @10:31

The price for the marina is about average, it cost us 370 Kn per night, for a 40 footer. We were there in June, I expect that it is more expensive in high season.

Zapuntel Harbour

Zapuntel, Molat Island, Porat Bay | Nautic
Oct. 02, 2016 @ 17:38 | adrialog

Zapuntel Harbour
Zapuntel Harbour
Zapuntel Harbour
Zapuntel Harbour
Zapuntel Harbour

Zapuntel is a fantastic little harbour located in a passage between islands Ist and Molat. The harbour is situated on NW most end of Molat Island facing the island Ist and a nother anchorage in Mljake Bay right accross the passage.

Zapuntel is very well protected from winds from all directions, allthough a strong Bora wind from NE does tend to produce a nasty swell in the bay.

The harbour has a L-shapped pier that has a few moorings on the N side and there are a few slips to more up in the inner part of the L pier. Depth there is 2,5 m so you can go in with a decent sized sailing yacht but it fills up quickly. If you have a boat with more than 2,4 m draft we recommend going for a buoy.

The W (outer) side of the pier is reserved for the local line - usually a fast passenger catamaran (not a ferry) that connects Molat Island from Zapuntel and Brgulje with Zadar on mainland and neighbouring island Ist. You can check the schedule on Jadrolinija's official webpage ( but do be careful to choose the right time of the year because schedules change with the seasons. You can’t stay there long if you tie up alongside, because the harbour master is going to chase you away when the catamaran is about to come.

Apart from the moorings on the pier there are 20 buoys set up and they will cost you 14 Croatian Kuna per meter. You can call +386 98 272 264 to check for free buoys. As everywhere you can also anchor if all the buoys are taken but you can expect to be charged something anyway.

You will find a small shop for basic supplies in a container behind the ticket office right there in the harbour.

There are two restaurants, one of them directly on the water called Škrila located on the NE side of Zapuntel Harbour.

The village Zapuntel is situated a bit further along the road going South towards villages Brgulje and Molat town.

Coming into Zapuntel by sea from the West there is a relatively narrow passage between islands Ist and Molat. Minimum depth in the passage is 5 m and it is lit by a red lateral beacon flashing white in 15 second period. There can be very strong current in the passage (up to 3 knots) but the direction of the current varies.

Sailing into Zapuntel from the East or NE the depth is much bigger and the passage itself is much wider. This entrance is lit by a white lighthouse with a period of 2 seconds located on the Cape Vranač (Rt Vranač) on Molat side of the passage.

Spring in ACI Marina Piškera

ACI Marina Piškera | Nautic
Mar. 17, 2012 @ 9:52 | MattK

Spring in ACI Marina Piškera
Spring in ACI Marina Piškera
Spring in ACI Marina Piškera

Spring is here and everything is blossoming in ACI marina Piškera.

This marina is situated at one of the most beautiful places in the world – between two islands Piškera and Panitula at National Park Kornati.

It is open from April 1st until November 1st and it holds daily berths only. Depth by the piers varies from 2.5 to 3.5 meters so exceptionally large boats cant dock there. It also has limitations as far as water and electricity supply is concerned, because water is delivered by boat and electricity is produced by a generator.

Nevertheless it is well equipped with showers and toilets. The closest gas station is in Zaglav port at Dugi Otok Island 12 miles away.

there are quite a few restaurants around in Kornati National Park and none of them should be taken lightly. Dining at Kornati National Park is not so cheap.

On the wild side

Rakovica Bay, Maun Island | Nautic
Apr. 10, 2012 @ 12:40 | MattK

On the wild side
On the wild side
On the wild side
On the wild side
On the wild side

Sailing from say Rab or Pag Islands towards south, Rakovica Bay on Maun Island is a nice place to spend the night especially because there are not many safe coves along Pags southern coast except ACI marina Šimuni.

You can spend the night in Rakovica as long as the forecast is not Bora (NE wind) towards which the Bay is open.

The bay itself is separated into two smaller bays with sharp rocks chiseled by sharp bora. The good thing about this bay is the depth and the seabed. In the middle of the southern part of the bay the depth is between 7 and 10 meters and the anchor held ok. We tied our stern to the rocky shore only about 5 meters off where more than enough depth was still under our rudder.

In the morning fishermen came and closed up the entire bay and put the nets all the way along the NE shore of Maun.

Again if the forecast is stable weather or winds from the south there is no problem anchoring there but if a front is coming in you better choose a safer spot to spend the night.

Clean sea and a nice and helpful concessionaire

Griparica Bay, Škarda Island | Nautic
Apr. 10, 2012 @ 11:43 | BiBo

Clean sea and a nice and helpful concessionaire
Clean sea and a nice and helpful concessionaire
Clean sea and a nice and helpful concessionaire
Clean sea and a nice and helpful concessionaire
Clean sea and a nice and helpful concessionaire

It was a late august afternoon when we sailed into Griparica Bay on Škarda Island. The island has no permanent residents but during season concessionaire lives in a small house on waterfront.

Compliments to the guy that takes care of the buys; it was the first time that he waited for us at the buoy and helped us with docking. Good thing too, because the buoy only marks the location of the mooring.

We didn’t even need our own ropes for he did all the work and tied us to shore with our stern and tied the mooring to our bow.

The price for a 41-footer (12 m boat) is 150 kn.
Griparica Bay is open towards south so I don’t recommend spending the night if the forcast is strong winds from the south.

Buoys on Olib

Olib Island | Nautic
Mar. 23, 2012 @ 11:59 | MattK

Buoys on Olib
Buoys on Olib
Buoys on Olib
Buoys on Olib
Buoys on Olib

If you visit Olib Island by a boat, you can either moor at the pier where you can get electricity and water, but you must choose the North side, because regular line docks on the other side of the main pier, or you can tie your boat to a buoy.

There are about 20 of them and the price is around 13 Croatian Kuna per meter.

There are some fun facts about the buoy and it concrete block on the seabed: the block weighs 800 kg, and its dimensions are 1.2 x 1.2 x 0.5 m. the rope is polyamide 20 mm thick, and the buoy itself is plastic (PVC) with 60 cm radius. It all says on the back side of the receipt along with the "How to Tie Your Boat to the Buoy" manual. If you didn’t know, you must tie one rope to the lower ring and one to the top ring on the buoy.

Though it should be protected from NE winds, we had a pretty rough night because Olib is very low and bora wind gets over it easily.

Oh, check out the last photo – quad with balls

Nice sunset on Kakan Island

Borovnjaci anchorage, Kakan Island | Nautic
Apr. 11, 2012 @ 12:56 | MattK

Buoys on Olib

We spent the night at Borovnjaci anchorage on Kakan Island. The anchorage is situated between Kakan and two smaller islands called Borovanjak mali and Borovnjak Veli. The bay itself is called Potkućina.

There are about 10 buoys there and the rest of the surface is good for anchoring. The price for the buoys is about 200 kn for a 7-15 m boat.
Borovnjaci anchorage is especially nice at the shallowest point between Borovnjak Veli and Kakan Island because of its turquoise water.

In Tratica Bay, just SE of Potkućina there is a nice but simple restaurant run by a nice family. The prices are about the same as at Kornati (that is to say not too cheap).

The restaurant has a couple of their own buoys for their guest but if the forecast is bora (NE wind) I wouldn’t stay the night.

Oh and when going to the bathroom in the restaurant we recommend taking a headlamp.

Anon | Apr. 15, 2012 @23:16

I know this restaurant ! Probably best fish on Adriatic !

Nice to take a swim, but don’t stay the night

Plijeski bay, Mali Lošinj | Nautic
Mar. 03, 2012 @ 15:33 | MattK

Nice to take a swim, but don’t stay the night
Nice to take a swim, but don’t stay the night
Nice to take a swim, but don’t stay the night
Nice to take a swim, but don’t stay the night

The last bay on SW side of island Mali Lošinj is called Plijeski. It’s relatively open so I don’t recommend staying the night but it’s very nice to take a swim because of its turquoise water and sandy beach.

If you want to drop anchor and stay the night I recommend coves Krivica, Balvanida or island Ilovik a little further to the south.

You may also get lucky and get a bite to eat from the tourist boats which come there every day and prepare barbecue – usually fresh fish and squid.
The most Famous of these boats is a small ship called Mate or Mateo.

Krivica Anchorage

Krivica Bay, Mali Lošinj Island | Nautic
Oct. 02, 2016 @ 17:36 | adrialog

Krivica Anchorage
Krivica Anchorage
Krivica Anchorage
Krivica Anchorage

Krivica anchorage is a secluded bay on SW side of Mali Lošinj island, Croatia. It is known by boaters and sailors for its curved shape, which is why the anchorage is protected from all winds. The only part of the anchorage that is not well protected is the entrance to the bay. It is wider and open towards West.

The anchorage is very peaceful and quiet off season, but during summer time it is full of sailing boats and motor yachts. In 2011 there were buoys placed there and it costs 16 Croatian kuna per meter of boat length to stay for the night.

There are only 10 spaces with buoys but there is space enough for at least 60 more yachts to anchor and go stern to and put warps around by trees close by. You will be charged for the berth anyway because the whole anchorage is under service concession, as most of Croatia’s safe anchorages are these days. The seabed is sand and the anchor holds very well.

If you feel like a short hike, it’s worth climbing up the hill to St. Ivan chapel. It’s about 25 minute walk and the path is quite nice, though we recommend having good shoes or at least don’t go climbing it wearing your flip-flops.

After you get back down and don’t feel like cooking your own dinner, there is a lovely restaurant called after the next bay and anchorage, Balvanida and it is on a path half way between the two anchorages.

There is a floating grocery store - a rib coming into Krivica bay twice a day. You can always get fresh bread, pastries, fresh fruit, vegetables, eggs, milk, cheese, but you can also ask them to bring you anything you whish from Mali Lošinj or Ilovik island on their next trip.

Krivica Anchorage
Protected from: winds from all directions
Seabed: sand
Depth: 1 - 4 m
Working: April 15th - October 30th.
Closest fuel station: Mali Lošinj 6,5 NM
m: +385 (0) 91 332 94 60

Mali Losinj right after rain

Mali Losinj | Nautic
Apr. 30, 2009 @ 17:42 | SkipperTim

Mali Losinj right after rain
Mali Losinj right after rain
Mali Losinj right after rain
Mali Losinj right after rain

Check out these colours yesterday afternoon when it stopped raining. Pictures are taken from our sail boat, mored in Losinj harbour.
skipper tim

izaija | Jan. 02, 2010 @15:07 can just feel the quietness

Anon | Jan. 04, 2010 @13:12

yeah and the rainbow is beautiful!

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AdriaStore - Bavaria

11,72 m / cabins: 3 / guests: 8

from1.450€ (no season)
to2.800€ (high season)


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