Krivica Anchorage

Krivica Bay, Mali Lošinj Island | Nautic
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Krivica Anchorage
Krivica Anchorage
Krivica Anchorage
Krivica Anchorage

Krivica anchorage is a secluded bay on SW side of Mali Lošinj island, Croatia. It is known by boaters and sailors for its curved shape, which is why the anchorage is protected from all winds. The only part of the anchorage that is not well protected is the entrance to the bay. It is wider and open towards West.

The anchorage is very peaceful and quiet off season, but during summer time it is full of sailing boats and motor yachts. In 2011 there were buoys placed there and it costs 16 Croatian kuna per meter of boat length to stay for the night.

There are only 10 spaces with buoys but there is space enough for at least 60 more yachts to anchor and go stern to and put warps around by trees close by. You will be charged for the berth anyway because the whole anchorage is under service concession, as most of Croatia’s safe anchorages are these days. The seabed is sand and the anchor holds very well.

If you feel like a short hike, it’s worth climbing up the hill to St. Ivan chapel. It’s about 25 minute walk and the path is quite nice, though we recommend having good shoes or at least don’t go climbing it wearing your flip-flops.

After you get back down and don’t feel like cooking your own dinner, there is a lovely restaurant called after the next bay and anchorage, Balvanida and it is on a path half way between the two anchorages.

There is a floating grocery store - a rib coming into Krivica bay twice a day. You can always get fresh bread, pastries, fresh fruit, vegetables, eggs, milk, cheese, but you can also ask them to bring you anything you whish from Mali Lošinj or Ilovik island on their next trip.

Krivica Anchorage
Protected from: winds from all directions
Seabed: sand
Depth: 1 - 4 m
Working: April 15th - October 30th.
Closest fuel station: Mali Lošinj 6,5 NM
m: +385 (0) 91 332 94 60

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