Ribic (Fisherman) restaurant at Sečovlje

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Feb. 29, 2012 @ 12:15 | MattK

Ribic (Fisherman) restaurant at Sečovlje
Ribic (Fisherman) restaurant at Sečovlje
Ribic (Fisherman) restaurant at Sečovlje
Ribic (Fisherman) restaurant at Sečovlje
Ribic (Fisherman) restaurant at Sečovlje

Ribic is Slovenian word for Fisherman my host told me, when he took me to this restaurant in Secovlje.

He assured me that this was once again one of the best restaurants on Slovenian coast though their quality wavered in the past. And he was right about the first part as far as I was concerned.

For starter we had the octopus salad, haddock pate, scallops and anchovies and they were all delicious. For main course we had, approx. 2 pound Redfish with potato and a delicious sauce, all baked in an oven. With all that we drank about a liter of Malvazija white wine and coffee after that. There was no room for desert, though I was tempted.

I don’t know exactly how much we (he) paid but it was roughly around 80 Euros, so that’s not too much to spoil oneself from time to time.

Oh, the pan was already half empty when I remembered to take a photo… sorry for that.

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